Dear international students,

Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Sailing Association Orionis. Orionis, founded in 1985, is one of the biggest sailing associations in the Netherlands and the only one in Amsterdam. Orionis makes the sailing sport accessible to students and also likes the accompanying ‘gezelligheid’. Within the association you can become as active as you want and develop yourself in various areas. Come sail a boat and have a beer (or two).

When you become a member of Orionis (possible in either September or March) you are more than welcome at our weekly ‘borrel’ on Wednesdays. Furthermore, Orionen can go on many weekends and activities throughout the year. Every year Orionis has 9 weekends, 3 weeks and multiple smaller activities, where we try to find a balance between sailing, learning and leisure. We go on skiing trips, have training weeks and weekends on our own skûtsje ‘de Tiid Sil ‘t Leare’, and multiple weekends where you can party and sail at the same time. We have a BBQ on the canals of Amsterdam, a week on yachts in the summer and valk boat training during multiple moments a year.

But it doesn’t stop there. Orionis also has 3 match racing teams: for our skûtsje, for the J22 and a team where the boat class varies. Orionis has 8 ‘disputen’, commonly known as sororities and fraternities. Within Orionis these are called ‘vloten’, which are  small groups within the association, all with their own character and interests. You will get to know them during the year. But you can get an idea here on our website!

Do you like sailing, special experiences, parties and amazing weekends? Are you the biggest fan of the combination of those 4? Then Orionis is the association for you! Would you like to know more? Come to one of our introduction activities, which can be found on, or contact us via